Some days I simply feel like…I Can’t.
I cant get out of bed, get dressed, clean the house, homework, the fish tank, prepare dinner. On days like these I am in one of my “everything hurts worrying phase. After several back surgeries some days are more challenging then others.

It doesn’t matter if it’s exhaustion, pain, anxiety or if I am just not motivated. It happens. I know that it’s not realistic to constantly do your best work and be filled with joy every day. Then I hear a sweet little voice singing in the distance.”Grandma Shark, doo doo doo, Run Away, doo doo doo, Safe at Last, doo doo doo” and I peek into a pink room and she is doing the Baby Shark Dance.

Instantly my heart soars, I smile and decide to join her AND somehow the pain is less intense, I am giggling, when I realize. Wow! I am feeling b..e..t..t..e..r.. !

Did you know; smiling is an upside down frown. Dr. Gupta a neurologist from the IGEA Brain and Spine explains that a smile spurs a chemical reaction in the brain releasing certain hormones including dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine increases our feelings of happiness and serotonin reduces stress and depression. In other words smiling can trick the brain into believing you’re happy which can spur feelings of happiness. Also happiness boots the body’s immune system.

Our Daily Dose
Fake-Smiling Sessions
Hang upside-down on the bed with 900 stuffed animals making goofy faces in the mirror
Permanently encrusting Play dough in the carpet.

Playing dress-up for no reason.

It’s actually been fun channeling my inner child; tomorrow we are planning to dance in rain.