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As the opioid epidemic forces increasing numbers of children out of the custody of their parents and into foster care, grandparents are stepping in.  Grandparents who are raising grandchildren face the daunting task of not only caring for young children and navigating complex child welfare systems, but also coping with their adult offspring’s addiction.

The below links and resources promote wellness and recovery in the field of mental health, substance use prevention and treatment.

*The below list is not all-inclusive and is intended as a guidepost.


RICARES Coalition of Recovery housing in Rhode Island that provides safe, affordable and supportive   environments for recovery.

  •      Offers 24 hour helpline for referrals for treatment and recovery housing, 1-866 ALC-DRUG (1-866-252-3784)

Prevent Overdose RI


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Governor Gina Raimondo’s Overdose Prevention Action Plan is designed to help end overdoses in Rhode Island.

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(Mobile Outreach Recovery Efforts) a RI statewide initiative, peer recovery specialists go into the community to talk with those who suffer from the disease of addiction.

Butler Hospital

Butler Hospital is the state's only non-profit, free-standing psychiatric hospital providing adults, seniors and adolescents specialized assessment and treatment for all major psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse.

National Institute of Health | Advancing Addiction Science

The facts on treatment, prevention, drugs, research studies and educational resources that every parent, family or friend and neighbor needs to know.


  Congress established (SAMHSA) in 1992 making substance use & mental disorder information, services more accessible.

  Are You Raising Your Addicted Child's Children?

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The Impacts of America's Substance Use Crisis

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Children Entering Foster Care Due to Parental Substance Use

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